Huston Eubank

Sustainability for Buildings, Communities, and Businesses

All Natural Systems Have Common Roots

All natural systems have common roots

Huston Eubank is a registered architect (Hawai’i and NCARB) and an independent consultant specializing in sustainability for buildings, communities and businesses. He currently serves as Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer and Director of Consulting for Regenerative Ventures, Inc., is an advisor to Chris Allen + Associates, an Associate of The Green Asia Group in Singapore, and teaches a course on “Integrative Design for Energy Efficiency” for Singapore’s Certified Energy Manager Program (SCEM).

Huston was for 6 years a Principal at Rocky Mountain Institute, and subsequently served the World Green Building Council as founding Secretary and Executive Director. He has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University, is a Fulbright Senior Specialist and a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP).

Huston is a generalist who is knowledgeable in all aspects of green building, with special interests in integrative design and whole-systems thinking, biomimicry and biophilia, design for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, indoor environmental quality, quality assurance, efficient communication and documentation, strategic business alliances, coordination of complex interrelated systems, and large, complex commercial and industrial projects.

Goals: Action, not words. Work within a global framework toward the reduction of climate change causes and impacts. Help to create high-leverage and large-scale new ways of doing “business as usual” that are restorative as well as profitable.